Sessions Day 1  (25 June 2018)
  12:00 13:00 Digital in the upcoming Multiannual Financial Framework – thematic briefing (VOD)
      Free flow of non-personal data and the April 2018 Data package – thematic briefing (VOD)
      European Electronic Communications Code – thematic briefing (VOD)
      Promoting fairness and transparency for business users of online intermediation services – thematic briefing (VOD)
  14:00 14:40 Opening ceremony (VOD)
  14:40 15:05 Launch of the Digital Agenda for the Western Balkans (VOD)
  15:05 15:30 Inspirational speech by Joanna BRYSON (VOD)
  15:10 15h40 Press Conference with Mariya Gabriel and Ivaylo Moskovski (VOD)
  16:00 17:15 Plenary Session 1: Harnessing the social and economic benefits of digital transformation – Are you ready? (VOD)
  17h15 18h30 Plenary Session 2: Digital innovation in the Southern Mediterranean region: an untapped potential on the EU's doorstep (VOD)
Sessions Day 2  (26 June 2018)
  09:15 10:45 Plenary Session 3: The digital revolution in health & care (VOD)
  10:45 11:00 Hard talk with Director General of DG CONNECT Roberto Viola, European Commission  (VOD)
  11:00 12:00 Closing Plenary session (VOD)
  13:30 15:30 The age of disinformation – workshop (VOD)
      Digital Skills for a Competitive and Inclusive European Economy – workshop (VOD)
      Cybersecurity: our duty to care – workshop (VOD)
      Artificial Intelligence – Today and Tomorrow – workshop (VOD)
  13:30 16:00 Towards a common European data space: Internet of Things, the data economy and the Next Generation Internet (VOD)