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Sessions Day 1
  09:00 10:30 Opening Ceremony Grande Grande Auditório
  11:00 13:00 New trends in Social Innovation Grande Auditório
  14:30 16:30 Showcase of Social Innovation Projects Grande Auditório
  14:30 16:30 Workshop Connected Social Innovation Auditório 2
  17:00 19:00 Creating Impact through Social Innovation Grande Auditório
  17:00 19:00 The Next Social Wave Auditório 2
  19:00 19:30 Solemn session Grande Auditório


Sessions Day 2
  09:00 11:00 Social Innovation in Social Services Grande Auditório
  11:30 13:00 Social Innovation and skills for the future Grande Auditório
  11:30 13:00 Innovation LABS in the social and public sector Auditório 2
  11:30 13:00 Social Innovation and the care society Auditório 3
  14:30 15:15 Social and Proximity Grande Auditório
  15:15 16:15 3rd Patient Innovation Award Ceremony Grande Auditório
  16:15 17:00 Social Innovation and the future of Europe Grande Auditório